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Martial Arts

Urban Combat (Tobu Jiyu Jutsu)

The ultimate martial art for today. A comprehensive and devastating combat system. A practical fighting system that teaches the use of kicks, punches, elbows, knees, trapping, sweeps, throws, take downs, grappling and all the stops in between.

The next step in the evolution of combat martial arts.

Born from the coming together of many differing arts and ‘styles’ through many years of experience, utilising certain aspects of karate, jujutsu, wing chun, eskrima, groundwork & grappling to give you the best possible foundation & toolkit to work with.

Designed to be practical and usable in todays world – in the street,on the way home, the car park, in the club, school, work – wherever you need to handle yourself.

Be secure in the knowledge that you (and your children) can learn not only personal discipline, but an effective safety system to get you out of trouble should it come your way.

As with the Holistic Body Training system that treats the body as a whole – we end up with a body and mind that is a weapon as a whole, from long range to short range, from beginning to end.
Strong, flexible, fast, adaptable & effective.

Tai chi & Qi Gong

‘Tai Chi is a flowing and deceptively gentle but powerful ancient Chinese art. Promoting health and wellbeing, it also has a strong practical internal martial arts foundation. Deep and rewarding, this Art can be viewed as a moving meditation, a subtle self-defence system, a self-healing composition and much more.

Qi Gong is closely related to Tai Chi and is concerned with health, energy and vitality regeneration, using specific breathing and movement patterns movements and behaviours.

For all ages and for beginners to intermediate.’

Wado Ryu Karate

True to the original art of founder Hironori Otsuka who combined Jujutsu & Karate to form a quick and dynamic martial art.

Natural Movement & Practical Stretching for Martial Artists

A class specially for Martial Artists – Practical Stretching, Flexibility , Mobility and Fitness for the Martial Artist.

Kobudo/Weapons Training

Bo/Staff, Kali/Stick, Katana/Sword, Tanto/Knife.