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Welcome to Holistic Body Training

The complete life-changing Natural Health & Fitness choice.

Awarded Best ‘Natural Holistic Health & Fitness Provider’ – South England 2022

“Be Your Best”
Holistic Body Training (HBT) is a complete all-round natural wellbeing lifestyle that trains and exercises all components of your health & fitness, keeping you in optimum shape, ready for any challenge that life may place in your path & enabling you to move through your environment effectively and efficiently.

We pride ourselves in being inclusive, catering for everyone from top performers & professionals to persons with more physical and mental limitations. Working from the ground up with our Safe & Sound Chair based exercise programme through Yoga, Meditation, Martial Arts, & Natural Movement classes and workshops to customised 121 training.The goal being to take the individual to their own personal best, whatever that may be.

Helping everyone to move through their environment effectively and efficiently whilst being in optimum physical and mental fitness and health.