Holistic Body Movement

This is the A,B,C they didn't teach you at school, though they should have.

The ultimate way to build a fit, strong and healthy body.

Use your own body weight and your environment to create a perfectly honed body. Fit to take on anything in its path. Prepare for the HBT  ABCweb3.gif


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NEW  Natural Body Movement 1 Day Workshop - The Urban Experience

Sat 11 May 2019   9am - 5pm


Early bird rate £99 - get in there quickly

Childrens [12-18 years] early bird £49

This is your chance to experience the worlds most practical, efficient and effective natural health and fitness system.

Level 2 MovNat Certified Trainer (one of the first to certify back in 2012) and founder of Holistic Body Training (founded in 2007)

Learn to move easily and efficiently through and across the environment. Take your movement and training to another level.

Learn the Holistic Body Training, MovNat and Natural Movement approach to training.

Understand the principles of efficient, effective movement

Take your experiences home and incorporate them into your own life and training.

Ask all those questions you need answers to.

This one is set in an urban setting for something slightly different. How to move through the concrete jungle.


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Urban Experience

Holistic Body Movement

For those that want a superior fit and healthy body. More than just a mindless bootcamp, this is practical training for functional superior results with options including barefoot running & wild swimming.

Interact with your natural environment, & leave the gyms for the uninformed.  We aim for the practical body of a ninja or panther not the tight unfunctional body of a poser or bodybuilder. Take a look at our ‘Active Body challenge’  to see where you are and where you could be.


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