Barefoot Running workshop

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Barefoot Running Workshop

Saturday 14 June  2014

10am - 12 noon

Only £59.99 per person

Venue, - HBT studio between the piers.


Here's your chance to find out all about and try barefoot running and open up a whole new world of experience.


Have you ever wanted to try 'barefoot running'?

Unfortunately it isn't as easy as just taking off your shoes and going for it.

You don't want to replace traditional running injuries with different ones - you just want the benefits that barefoot running can offer.


Heard all the great reviews about all the benefits?

"Helping to overcome shin splints, runners knee, and planter fascitis, barefoot runners experiencing less impact than runners in shoes, even on hard surfaces, running in shoes causing 38% more knee % ankle twisting than bare feet, feeling light footed and free whilst barefoot"


(If you are thinking of joining us, then try taking off your socks and shoes at home and wal;k around (not running), in bare feet as often as you can before the event in preparation [dont worry if you dont have the time as it is not essential - but it will help]).

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