Every person (from 16 to 60) should be physically & mentally able to save their own life whatever the given situation.

To be able to do this you should be able to accomplish ALL the following:


Be able to swim at least half a mile

Be able to hold your breathe for 60 seconds

Be able to retreive an obect from under the water at a depth of at least 2 metres

Be able to move from supine to standing without using your hands

Be able to run at top speed for two hundred metres

Be able to run 2 miles in 20 minutes

Be able to run efficiently across uneven terrain

Be able to jump over obstacles higher than your waist

Be able to deadlift a weight of at least half your own body weight

Be able to carry a person of at least your own weight for 10 metres

Be able to pull your body up onto a bar/surface from a hanging position


Be able to traverse a beam a distance of at least 5 metres

Be able to jump a distance equal to your own height

Be able to walk 10 metres along a beam 3” wide, squat, perform a tripod

      transition, turn, rise and walk back without touching the floor.

Be able to jump down safely from a distance equal to your own height

Be able to climb up a pole to clear a distance equal to your own height

Be able to throw an object at least 7kg to a target at a distance of least twice

      your own height

Be able to pick up an item from the floor infront of toes using thumb & forefinger

      of both hands and with straight legs

Be able to bear-walk with hips lower than shoulders at least 20 metres, and

       on a beam 4” wide for 10 metres without touching the floor.

Be able to walk or crawl 2 metres blindfolded over a 4” beam without touching

       the floor

Be able to pass under an obstacle equal to your knee height with ease

Be able to breathe deeply and remain calm under stress

Be able to pop someone with enough force and accuracy with your hand, foot, elbow or knee to

      potentially knock him out

Be able to go without food for at least 24 hours


If you can accomplish ALL these things, you need have no fear concerning the safety of your life should you be forced into an emergency from which you alone have to save yourself, no matter what the circumstances.

You can also have your name listed in the HBT Active Body Hall of Fame, and officially wear the ABCweb3.gifT-shirt.


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HBT Active Body Hall of Fame

Frank Markham    (8 Aug 2012)